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Indian Remy Hair

As individuals, our appearance is a great tool for lifting mood or confidence. It can be changed and adapted to suit a particular feeling, and is often modified as part of a brand new start or a new chapter in our lives. In terms of the female market the use of hair extensions play a significant part in this transformation. There is only one universal requirement from the point of view of the consumer, and that is that these hair extensions look as natural as they possibly can.

To this end, human hair is the most effective choice when producing wigs and extensions. Remy hair stands as the finest grade of authentic human hair available for purchase. When you are looking to transition to hair extensions, Virgin Remy hair is considered the best choice by salon industry professionals. Virgin Remy hair does NOT receive any chemical treatment whatsoever, and is 100% natural.

This means that the hair has not been colored, permed or straightened, and maintains a natural look giving the most realistic appearance possible. Any category of Non-Virgin hair will have undergone some degree of chemical processing causing a distinctive unnatural look as the end result.

Of course virgin hair can be sourced from many different locations around the world, but India remains the consumers choice for various reasons. The most important of these is that it has a renowned quality of texture and appealing color, which can be matched easily with different individuals regardless of their place of birth or ethnic origin. This wide appeal, when combined with the most natural of looks, produces a product which can benefit straight, wavy or curly styles of hair.

Indian Virgin Remy hair also retains a reputation for quality by guaranteeing the extensions to be tangle free and extremely durable. The reliability and longevity of our extensions are an exceptional value to our consumers because our product will outlast and outperform any other extension brand.

Indian virgin hair is also carefully and meticulously handpicked, and cut so that the cuticles remain in the same direction and allows the hair to flow naturally and tangle free. This helps to distinguish our hair from other types of hair used in weaves and hair extensions. Our Virgin extensions are the most popular choice amongst customers worldwide. The overall durability and appearance of high quality Indian virgin hair also marks it as the very best value for our consumers, regardless of where you live in the world or your desired look.

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