Natural Hair, Extension, Specialty Services

Natural Hair Services

  • Wash/ Flat Iron/ Press
  • Deep Condition 
  • Trim 
  • Cut 
  • Color 
  • Relaxer

Extension Services

  • Full Head Weave 
  • Partial Head Weave 
  • Extension Takedown 
  • Wash/Flat Iron/ Press 
  • Tighten 
  • Color 

Specialty Services

Illusional Part

The Illusional Part was created by Co-founder and owner, Tonya Thompson. Tonya’s inspiration for the Illusional Part came from her twin teenaged daughters, she wanted to give them full head weaves that looked natural and allowed them to have a part without leaving any hair out. With the Illusional Part, clients’ can enjoy the luxury of not having to blend their natural hair with their extensions; this promotes healthy hair growth while adoring the natural look of your full head weave. The Illusional Part is a technique that ONLY Dream Girls certified stylist have been accredited to do. If you are a stylists and would like to attend one of our Illusional Part training classes to get certified, please send an email inquiry to or call 310.313.2000 and ask to speak with the Illusional Part class coordinator.

Keratin Treatment

The Keratin Treatment is a professional in-salon treatment performed by certified stylists. This treatment will straighten unruly hair and provide a silky smooth finish. Reducing styling time in half, repairing damaged hair, and providing long term conditioning and protection are just a few of the benefits that the Global Keratin Treatment offers.