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Every time I have walked into Dream Girls looking pitiful, I walk out feeling like a million bucks - ready to stop traffic. Sharie and her team do a great job of making sure your hair looks the best when you are finished with your appointment. All the stylists are professional and the hair studio is kept clean. Parking is a bit difficult because of the lack of street parking, but there is a lot right after the train tracks that is available and from there you can walk down to the shop. The prices are a bit more expensive than other shops in the Sacramento area, but if you want perfection then the price is worth it. Plus this is the only hair salon that I know in Sacramento that offers the illusional part for full-head weaves.

Also, the Dream Girls virgin Indian hair is great - soft, manageable, and doesn't shed like a hairy dog. It's much better than the crap you get at the hair stores. Plus I found it easier to go from curly to a straight look with this hair. If you want versatility with your hairstyles, I suggest definitely getting the wavy hair. Look out for Dreamgirls Red Light/Green Light sales that offer discounts on the hair when you order it online.

Another tip: Bring food with you to your appointment! There are not many restaurants close to the salon, so make sure you bring your snacks with you. For my first appointment, I brought spaghetti with me and the stylists are nice enough to let me use the microwave to heat it up.

- Miyishia S. (Sacramento, CA) – 08/03/2010

"We're your dreamgirls, boyyyy. We'll make you happyyy. Yeah!"

No, it isn't the stage play that featured Jennifer Holiday belting her heart out. And, no, it was not the Bill Condon-directed mega-musical starring one Miss Beyonce Knowles. But what it is did make me happy. Let me tell you why:

  1. I did not wait longer than 10 minutes for a spot in the chair.  
  2. My stylist, Lisa, did not talk to me while I read but was quite engaging after I finished reading. I love when stylists don't try to hold a conversation with me while I'm reading. It's just like, Seriously?! 
  3. The shop is clean! Asian-inspired, classy decor. 
  4. There is free, off-street parking behind the shop.  
  5. 94.7 The Waaave played in the shop, so my ears were not assaulted. 
  6. I was out in less than 4 hours for two strand twists! Wow! 

I was referred to this shop and stylist by a friend of mine because her hair looks amazing. I made an appointment for 2-strand twists and Lisa did a great job! She does many types of hairstyles for natural or relaxed hair: straw sets, twists, weaves, everything except individual braids.

There was a woman who flat-ironed about three ladies' hair while I was there. All long, healthy heads of hair. Her name is Tanya if you're interested in having your hair straightened. They also do the Keratin treatment or process there (just found out what it is today). Hair products are for sale along with hair extensions at the front of the shop.

I would go back.

- Ro S. (Los Angeles) – 07/24/2010

The Ultimate Experience!! The products at DreamGirls are exceptional and superior to the rest. Not to mention the staff; Coddles to Tonya! Girl you have what it takes in a real way! Your patience, knowledge, and experience made me immediately feel comfort with having you as my stylist for the first time. You get right down to the business and if an issue happens to arise with your product, (problem solved!)You strongly stand true to your products.

Most of all you are rational, unique, and truly go above and beyond for all who enters your business/Salon. I couldn't be more pleased with my hair, my hair style, and how you took your time to ensure my experience using your virgin Remi Hair was a memorable one. You Rock! Much Love.

Hey ya'll, after purchasing your bundle of Virgin Remi, request ya girl Tonya for the installation. She's guaranteed to provide you the ultimate DreamGirls hair experience. Keep up the good work T.

- Spark - 12/30/2009

DONT SLEEP ON THIS ONE LADIES ITS WORTH THE TRIP!!!!! The salon is stylish, the staff is welcoming, and my stylist Sharie Lewis is the BOMB!!! She took me from (Rihanna short) hair to long luxurious locs in just a matter of hours. You will leave that salon looking photo shoot ready! I was even able to check out Sharie's work on Youtube and Facebook before scheduling my appointment. DreamGirls is a FULL SERVICE salon. The staff was right there to help me find the perfect hair color and texture to match my own, and the quality of hair is on another level! DreamGirls and Sharie have just made another customer for life! Gas: $45, coffee and a muffin: $6, leaving DreamGirls salon looking and feeling like a million bucks: priceless!

- Caiisha (san jose) - 12/23/2009

TONYA IS THE BEST!!!!! I went to the Dream Girls Salon in Culver City, CA and I was truly amazed. Tonya is THE BEST hairstylist in all of Los Angeles. My hair looked very natural!!! My full head weave was flat at the top and not "humpy" like all of the other weaves that I've seen. Her work is amazing and she was kind and punctual. I highly recommend Tonya for all of the ladies in Los Angeles!!

- Mary B. - 12/18/2009

Unbelievable! Sharie Lewis is a creative genius. My hair went from dismal to dynamic in a matter of 4 hours. She went above and beyond to assist me with my hair crisis. She has definitely boosted the confidence needed for my high demanding public career. So now I can march into the capitol looking like a baby Diana Ross instead of Koota Kentae. Thanks Dreamgirls!!

- Ms. Fanner - 12/14/2009

"Watch Out Now" This is my third order with DreamGirls, needless to say they have the best hair ever!!!! Became really sick when I was supposed to get me hair done so I had to wait, But Oh it is in now, I have the 14in curly unprocessed hair and I LOOOOOVE IT!!!! Thanks Brianna for all your help and with my hair order, your customer service is the "BOMB". Just in time for my Birthday and just what I needed to feel pretty, sexy, motivated, energetic etc... after being sick for so long. chermine

- Trotman - 12/09/2009