Find Out Which Shampoo And Conditioner Bottle Is Right For Your Hair

How many times do you wash your hair in a week? Once, Twice or maybe Thrice. However, it is integral you are using the correct shampoos and conditioners to wash your hair -- are you sure the haircare product you are using really suits your hair?

Every time you wash your hair, you are putting stress on your hair, starting from lather, rinse, condition, towel off, blow-dry, combing, brushing, and the use of other heating devices such as straighteners or curling iron if you’re styling it for special occasions.

Of course, if you are born with a lustrous and shining mane, this is no real worry for you, but what about those struggling to take good care and maintain their hair condition even after putting in those extra efforts?

Good hair care begins with the right product and an ideal hair care routine. The question arises of figuring out which shampoo and conditioner bottle is right for you and what suits your hair.

First, let us understand your hair requirements.

What’s Your Hair Type?

It is essential to know your hair type because they all have unique features and require different treatment. Ask yourself questions like:

Do you have curly or straight?

Do you have frizzy hair, or does it fall flat?

Do you regularly color your hair?

There is a shampoo available for each hair type, and the simplest way to look for the right shampoo is to read the label mentioning hair type, such as "dry," "oily," "fine," or "frizzy."

  • Straight hair: Look for a shampoo that volumizes your hair and wash with it to add body.
  • Curly hair: Look for a shampoo that is sulfate- and alcohol-free since it can dry your hair. You need shampoo to protect the cuticle from damage, bonding it, preventing frizz, and providing moisture. 
  • Dry hair: Look for shampoos with intensive moisture replenishment and choose those that have natural oils. It will be absorbed by the hair providing nourishment. 
  • Oily hair: If you have oily hair, you must stay away from a shampoo that labels itself as moisturizing or conditioning since you don’t want to add any more moisture to oily hair. If you have a dandruff issue-- which is generally familiar with oily hair --, use an anti-dandruff shampoo that contains ingredients like ketoconazole, zinc pyrithione, or selenium sulfide.
  • Color-treated hair: If you like coloring your hair, look for a color-preserving shampoo so that it won't clean out the highlights and colors you have on your hair. 

Should You Condition Your Hair?

Experts say you should condition your hair every time you wash it. It makes hair look soft, silky, and shiny. It also relaxes your hair making it easy for shaping and style. You can try leave-in conditioner therapy; it will rehydrate your hair and protect it from dryness and brittleness. But make sure you don’t over-condition your hair. Otherwise, it will make it flat and lifeless.

Should You Wash Your Hair Daily?

Many people wash their hair every day, but that does mean the same goes for you. Using shampoo more than three times a week is a little too much because it will wash off hair’s natural oils. In case you have oily hair, you may require to wash it more regularly.

Also, washing your hair care is essential and requires some technique. Rubbing your hair harshly with a glob of shampoo can damage hair cuticles and cause frizz.

Instead of rubbing, you need to massage your hair starting from your scalp to the tip of your hairs. Use a similar technique while applying conditioner to your strands.

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