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Love it

So far so good. Ive only used it once an will continue following all the steps. Cant wait to see results

Signature Healthy Hair Care System Kit

It smells good and has been helping me with my healthy hair journey 😍


I love it!


This oil is a true blessing. I wish two would come in the package instead of one. I enjoy the feel on my scalp and I apply it daily for the full effect of the product. This oil has the correct name and for sure the owners didn't go wrong with it. When this oil hits my scalp, my scalp just lights up with a smile 😁😁😁❣❣

The products are top notch

The whole product line is top notch. A little goes a long way. Well worth it!

Signature Healthy Hair Care System Kit


This fabulous hair care system is my go to maintenance for all in between hair appointments. The results are truly amazing. Thank you DreamGirls!!!


I’m not sure how DreamGirls did it but this stuff has magic powers. I never detangle my hair without it.


Smells and feels great on my hair can’t wait to see my results!

Signature Healthy Hair Care System Kit

My curls are back!

This my 4th time purchasing the healthy hair care system. I have even ordered for a friend! I'm so impressed by the quality of the product I could never go back to what I was using on my hair before. I normally have lots of frizz and trouble with my curls fully forming however dream girls takes care of all of that. I was first interested by reading all the wonderful reviews and I have to admit they are all that and more. I will continue to purchase again and again!

Love Love Love It!

These products are amazing ! The TLC comb out minimizes hair shedding and takes care of all the tangles and knots making the hair easy to comb thru without damaging it. I recommend this product to people who have super tight curly hair (when its wet), or if you do kid hair!

The shampoo and conditioner are my fav ! You can see and feel all of the dirt and oils being stripped from your hair leaving your scalp feeling new and refreshed. Gives it a shine when blow dried.

Step 3 is amazing.. I found the oil to be my least fav , cute packaging but it is hard to spray out of the bottle. other than that I love these products will be ordering more. I wish there were different scents you can choose from


I am in love with the packaging, presentation is everything for me. I use my product once already love the mint smell. I'll come back with a update in 3 months.

The Best

its the best thing that ever happened to my hair. I had to send some to my mum in Ghana to believe it for herself.

Happy customer

It has been 2 weeks since I have purchased and starting using my products. I love them and I noticed the difference in my hair. The products leave my hair soft and added the moisture and shine that I have been looking for in products since I transition naturally. Thank you

HEAVEN SENT! I need to restock ASAP

I LOVE this product. The comb out treatment it perfect for detangling you hair when you take out your extensions. I mixed it in a bottle with water and my hair was gliding through the brush perfectly. The oil is good to put on your ends or even to help fly aways. But my FAVS are the shampoo and conditioner. Its smells soo goodt!! lol Also I noticed my hair is incredibly healthy. I get so many compliments on my hair, the bounce the flow and girl...... THE GROWTH!!!!!!!!!!! Yes maam, you heard right. I noticed my hair is so healthy. Also the combo of using a protective style, The combo treatment helping my hair to not break as I am detangling my new growth and the strength of my hair! I'm probably 1 inch from bra strap length. This year goal is mid back length and I'm determined to hit it. This coming from someone who always had issues with hair growing past my collar bone. Hopefully one day I can actually make it to the Dream Girls salon but I live in GA. Love your products and results. <3 (BTW sorry my comment is so long lol just excited)

Awesome feeling

I just used my product’s for the 1st time on Saturday and I will tell you my hair felt so soft and very manageable. I look forward to see what the future holds with these products. Will definitely recommend.

Excellent product

I am just getting started with the Dream Girls product line. However, I truly do love the TLC Comb Out. The ingredients are second to none. Fantastic. I am going to take the plunge and go into a protective style for several weeks. I know this TLC Comb Out is going to save my hair and, most importantly, help me retain my length, which has been a big struggle for me!

Hair Oil

I like the oil

Hi Dream Girls!! AWESOME AWESOME soft fragrance products leaving my hair manageable.

I absolutely Love your dream girls products. What I love the most is that its chemical free products without any harsh or overly perfumed smells that turns me away from using it long term. It's unlike any product Ive used in retail stores and hair care shops. Its great for my daughters hair and would love to purchase a leave in product. It makes a different when the CEO understands coily hair textures and use it also speaks volume.
I live way in LOUISIANA and if I could fly there every three months would just to get my hair and my two daughters hair done in your SALON. Woo HOo! It has been my 3rd purchase and I even sent my sister a care package in Maryland and she 's so excited. thanks so Much you guys. I will send more pictures as we continue over the next months.

Best products so far

I took a chance on buying this product but now I’m highly satisfied with the results from the first wash. At first my hair was so dry and started to shed more than usual. After using my hair Is revitalized and super soft and manageable. Thank you I’m definitely keeping you guys posted on my hair journey.

Luv this

I like this conditioner a lot the bottle is small but in this case you get what you paid for I will buy again

Haven't used it yet

I'll be using it soon

Healthy Hair

I love everything in this box.I will for sure send pic of how my hair looks in 3 months. After my first wash my hair feels so soft.