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I had a round of Lupron injections and it broke my hair out in my back hairline. I tried EVERYTHING and nothing worked to grow my hairline. I thought I had permanently lost my hair. I started going to sharie again for the healthy hair care system and after 3 months of using the oil consistently and allowing them to use the 5-step system when putting weave back up, these are the results! I have also had amazing hair growth also. The system works and I recommend it to all! Thank you DreamGirls.

Best edge control

By far, one of the best edge controls that I’ve used in a while and it also smells good. I wish this was offered in haircare stores nation wide and we need a bigger container, I went thru mine too fast. Thank you for this amazing product.

Renewing Shampoo
Denajia Reed
Love it

I love it for me and my daughter keep our hair clean healthy and Moisturized

Satin Bonnet
Lola Hooks

I love my bonnet

Signature Healthy Hair Care System Kit

True Essence is truly essential!!

I absolutely love how this oil treatment feels and smells. It is not too heavy and greasy which is perfect for my very fine hair. I have also noticed a lot less breakage.

Satin Bonnet
Jacqueline Gause

Satin Bonnet


Satin Bonnet
Raquel A.
Satin hair bonnet

I love this bonnet! The satin material and quality of this bonnet is by far the best I’ve had! I love how they made it to where it fits snug on the head so it doesn’t come off during the night , Definitely will be ordering another one for my daughter! It also has two sides so you can turn it inside out to whichever side you’d like which I think is really cool!

TLC Comb-Out Treatment
Angela Francis

Works like a charm on even the stubbornest of situations. Makes comb out after a long period of weaves or prolonged braids a quicker, not painful, and a measurable amount of less breakage and more retention pleasurable experience. This product is great.

Amazing…. Simply Amazing

I originally purchased the kit at the top of last year, a few months after my big chop (May 2020). I was simply amazed at how fast my hair grew. Well I had some health challenges which caused my hair to shed and break. I knew just what I needed and placed my order.

Love !

Absolutely love how this helps slay my edges ! I use very little and it lays my edges down all day. No build up and it does not harden the hair at all. I’m never using another edge control ever. Now I’m waiting to see if I see new growth :-)

Best Detangler ever !

This is heaven sent. A little goes a long way. I put about a pea sized in a small spray bottle and it detangles my hair so easily. And my hair smells amazing. My curls look so bomb after using. I use this faithfully and happy to see no hair comes out in the process. Definitely makes wash days less stressful I highly recommend !

BEST hair oil EVER

I absolutely LOVE this oil! It has been the onlyhair oil I have been using for the past year on myself and my daughters'. Our hair, especially mine, has grown TREMENDOUSLY! I LOVE the smell too.

Satin Bonnet
Stephanie Atkins

Satin Bonnet

Less shedding + Less knots

I absolutely love this product! I used it to take down my braids and it took a lot less time than it normally does and there was way less shedding. I've had trouble taking down my hair in the past but this made it so much easier, plus it has a nice smell. I suggest diluting the product with water in a spray bottle, dividing the hair into sections, and spraying it on before combing with a wide-tooth comb. Diluting with water is a great way to get the most out of the product because the bottle is relatively small and the product is expensive... but so worth it. I also bought the shampoo and deep treatment, I can't wait to use those!

Love this product

I have been searching for a shampoo and conditioner to help my hair grow and I finally found it. I'm a customer for life!!! Left picture is before 12/21 and right is after 4/2022.

Way less shedding!

This made the shampoo process easy and I didn't shed nearly half the hair I normally do.


Favorite product!

Great Quality

I love the system so far, I've used it one time so far, I will report back the progress.

Love It!!

Starter kit

I have only used it once but I love the results!

Signature Healthy Hair Care System Kit

Satin Bonnet
Serena Lemon
Love it

Love it for it really fits well.

I Love it!

Your conditioner feels Amazing on my scalp. I look forward to seeing results after using your products!