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What if you could open up a whole new world of opportunity & growth in your business using the exact method we’ve used to increase our income as Stylists month after month.





Build a large and loyal clientele willing to pay you what you’re truly worth! Once you become a DeamGirls Certified Stylist and learn the techniques behind our Healthy Hair Program, you WILL build a following of consistent clientele.



Work less while having the ability to enjoy a work life balance few Stylists ever have! Increasing your income through high value services as a DreamGirls Certified Stylists, all while having the ability to work less hours without fear of losing out on income.



 Last, and most importantly, are you ready to truly make a difference in the lives of your clients, by helping them to achieve long and thick healthy natural hair. Making them radiate with some much confidence that you’ve gained a client for life!

If you’re ready to to elevate and take control of your career then it’s time to APPLY NOW to become a DreamGirls Certified Stylist!

Our Story

Hey it’s Sharie and Tonya, Founders of DreamGirls Hair and we’ve got something super exciting for you! We know life behind the chair can be tough, all those long hours, clients not showing up, missing out on family, kids and loved ones special occasions simply because you have to stand behind the chair to make ends meet.Well, what if you could change all that?What if you could open up a whole new world of opportunity and growth in your business using the exact methods we used to build our million dollar hair brand.As creators of the internationally known Healthy Hair Care System, we created our hair product line to change the narrative that Black women can’t grow naturally long beautiful hair. After years of investing in our product line, and spending hours including many late nights helping women achieve natural hair growth through our Healthy Hair Program, we are finally ready to share with motivated Stylists the secrets to our success so that you too can build your hair brand and increase your income, gain back valuable time with your loved ones, and most importantly build a loyal clientele who trust in 

Your Opportunity

 We are on a mission to serve our fellow stylists by setting you free from being stuck behind the chair. We want to teach you how to implement the gold mine that is the Healthy Hair Care System into your businesses.Since our Healthy Hair Care System has become so well known, the requests to join our teams have been almost daily, and they have come from across the globe.But we wanted to give stylists step by step information on how to not just ‘do hair’, but how to build your brand and revenue as a Stylist while creating a consistent and loyal clientele through our Healthy Hair Care System. We are now ready to embark on this mission! And we’d like to invite you to become a DreamGirls Certified Stylist!If you're ready to make the changes you need to excel as a Hair Stylist, then it’s time to APPLY NOW to become a DreamGirls Certified Stylist!

Coming Soon: DreamGirls Certification Program

We are going to be running an event coming up very soon. It’s going to teach you all about the DreamGirls Certified opportunity, we’ll be going into depth about our results, the exact processes we use to onboard and resell to our clients.You’ll learn exactly how we charge our clients, the payment plans for products and ongoing visits. You’ll hear how we stage our salons, the time allocated and how that allows for premium client experiences and why that’s so important for retention. We’re going to take you waaaay behind the scenes so when you walk out of there, you’ll be ready to take your city by storm.

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