COVID19 Policies

Please read our new salon updates regarding COVID-19

In light of Covid19 we will be making the following changes below for salon operations, appointments, and payments. *Policies are subject to change.

Salon Hours

1. New work hours will vary per stylist

2. Phone hours will be changed (click here for updated hours)

3. If cancellations are due to symptoms of cold, fever, flu, or COVID19, you cannot reschedule for 1 month.


1. Please communicate clearly the exact services you wish to receive for your appointment. 

2. You will still be responsible for the payment of those services booked even if you do not receive them.

3. Same day cancellation of any scheduled services will still require a payment of that service.

4. Changes in scheduled services may result in your appointment being rescheduled.

5. NO REFUNDS of any kind if you do not cancel within the specified cancellation period. Our cancellation period is 4 salon business days prior to your appointment. Please see business days and hours here.

6. You will be required to sign a salon waiver prior to your appointment.

7. Upon arrival, while still in your vehicle, please call or text your stylist to virtually check-in. Your Stylist will let you know when to enter the salon.


9. Temperatures will be taken prior to entering the salon.

10. Masks must be worn at all times. Please bring your mask or face covering.

11. As a result of COVID19 guidelines we will no longer have a snack table, coffee, water dispensers or magazines.

12. Please limit personal items brought into the salon.

We have the right to refuse service.


1. We have slightly increased service pricing due to COVID19. This is our first price increase in 6 years. This increase is a result of all new ongoing expenses related to complying with COVID19 guidelines. Please see updated price list here.

2. Contactless payment options will vary per stylist. Examples of contactless payment include Cashapp and Apple Pay(Note: all Stylists are Independent Contractors)