Natural hair services

Fresh Start Service $250
(Includes: hair consultation, wash, healthy hair care system treatments, blow dry, and healthy hair trim.)

The 'Fresh Start Service' is used by customers who do not plan to install their protective styles in our salon, but want the benefit of our expertise to get started with our at-home DreamGirls Healthy Hair Care System.

Fresh Start Service w/ Press & Curl $425

Wash & Style $175 (Must've had a Fresh Start Service prior to. Clients returning after 3 months will need another Fresh Start Service.)

Bob Cut $125

Asymmetrical Bob Cut $250

Large Wavers $85

Large Wand Curls $85

Small Wand Curls $125

Specialized Cut Inquire for Pricing

Virtual Consultations $150

(Includes: 15 min video call with Sharie or Tonya. Inquire to a booking representative to schedule yours!)

Hair Extension Services

Wash & Style

(Includes: Wash, dryer time, & style)

Weave $175

Weave (w/ Closure) $200

Weave Installation

Weaves w/ Leave Out (U-Shape) $510

Full Head Weave w/ Closure $550

Full Head Weave w/o Closure $550

($65 per bundle fee after 3 are installed)

Weave Takedown

(Includes: Disassembling tracks & comb-out)

Full Takedown (3 months or less) $100

Full Takedown (4-6 months) $150

Full Takedown (6-9 months) $300

Partial Takedown (up to 3 tracks) $85

Additional Takedown $20 per track

Non-DreamGirls Weave Takedown $150

Just Comb-Out $65+ 

Wig Attachment

Braid up for wigs $315

Attach U-Part Wig (No Styling) $175

Attach Closure Wig (No Styling) $150

Attach Frontal Wig (No Styling) $185

Lace Customization Inquire for Pricing

Wig Maintenance

Pricing varies on density & length

Wig Maintenance (Includes: Wash, dryer time, & style) $145+

Closure Replacement Inquire for Pricing

Add on Services

Natural Hair

Coloring (Dark colors only, No Lifting) $125+

Lightening $225+

Top Leave Out U-Shape/Edges (Dark colors only, No Lifting) $50

Full Gray Coverage Up to 3in (Dark colors only) $85+

Full Gray Coverage Over 3in (Dark colors only) $125+

Leave Out Lightening (U-Shape/Edges) $85+

Keratin on Top Leave Out $65

Hair Extensions

Bundle Coloring:

Coloring (Dark Colors Only, No Lifting) $85+ per bundle

Lightening/Highlights $125+ per bundle

Clip Services:

Clip for top of head w/o hair $35

Clip for top of head w/hair $35

Make Clips $15 per clip

Anchor clips $15 per clip

*This is not a full list of services and pricing. All prices and services are subject to change without notice.

PLEASE NOTE: All deposits & service payments are non-transferable and non-refundable.