Sisters, entrepreneurs, healthy hair experts, salon owners.

We’ve been recognized for our reputation of having “magic hair-growing hands” and debunking the myth that black women *can’t* have long, healthy hair. 

Maybe you’ve heard of us, and maybe you haven’t! We’re here to introduce ourselves, our fast-growing family-owned business, and most importantly, our solutions to your hair growth woes. This is a sign for you to not give up on your hair... because we certainly have no plans to.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, we, the Thompson Sisters have made it not only our expertise, but our passion to help your hair reach its greatest potential in both strength and length through our Healthy Hair Program and Healthy Hair Care System product line. Why? Since we opened our doors in Los Angeles in 2006 and opened our additional location in Sacramento in 2008, the very foundation of DreamGirls Fine Hair Imports & Salon has been the principal belief that everyone, everywhere deserves to have healthy hair, that’s why.

One head at a time we’ve transformed the hair of a countless number of clients that have sat in our salon chairs over the years

Clients have sought us out from nearby by or from across the country to help fix their issues with hair damage and lack of growth. We care about your hair and it’s story.

With each new case posing a different and motivating challenge, our goal to grow your hair, retain that growth and revive the health of your hair has been made possible through our methods in our Healthy Hair Program and the use of our product line within the program.

Our 5-Step Healthy Hair Care System product line, a key component to achieving our wow-factor results, has been exclusively used in our salons.

family-owned business

You’ve asked for it, and we listened. After years of perfecting our formula and producing thousands of growth results for every hair type and curl pattern, we knew it was time to extend a part of ourselves to you at home and share the main secret to our hair growth success that can be used on women, men, and children. Just because you can’t physically come sit in our chairs, doesn’t mean you should be prevented from achieving healthy hair!

We look forward to continue to provide you with products (with new additions on their way) and guidance to get you that healthy hair you’ve always dreamed of in the years to come.