Healthy Hair Care System

Signature Healthy Hair Care System Kit

Our Signature Healthy Hair Care System Kit is the ultimate at home treatment for our Healthy Hair Program! Save when you purchase the entire kit, regular price is $135.95.

The system includes:

STEP 2: Renewing Shampoo 

This starter kit is everything you need to embark on your healthy hair journey!
With this kit, you receive a bundled savings! 

TIP: Can be used on ALL ages

Customer Reviews

Based on 601 reviews
It’s The Hydrated Feeling For Meeeeee!!!!

I purchased the Signature Healthy Hair Care System Kit. I used it & I love how my hair feels. I can’t wait to use it again. I also loved the fact that it came with a card to tell you how & when to use the products. I’m natural & that TLC Comb-Out really does my hair justice. My hair is so hydrated. I can’t wait to see results.

Yvette Williams
New user

When I received the package I love the packaging. I love how instructions were provided on how to use each product. I noticed that my hair felt thick and looked very healthy after applying the products. My hair is currently braided (passion twist) so I’ll give another review after I take my braids out

Stephanie Njoku
Absolutely amazing!

Thank you Shari!!!

Tonza Christian referred me to use this for my daughter and the products are a life saver! Keep doing what you do! Great products.

Stephanie Njoku, CEO

Keli Mills
The best thing ro ever happen to hair

The system is very easy to follow and great results for my daughter and myself. I have ordered 4 kits for us and several other have purchased after seeing my daughter hair.

Like Butter!

I love this stuff. I purchased the kit. & was finally able to try it out. So far I have used the moisturizer and Detangler. And it has softened my texture of hair without making it weak after blow drying it out using the TLC comb out. And I know once I get my hair done in protection styles like braids I will be able to start my growth process. I def recommend this product and see myself purchasing again in the future. I say “ Thanks for making my Dreams come true” because I’ve been struggling with my hair grown process I have t been able to get my hair past my shoulders and I’m looking forward to the amazing results I’ve grown so close to love watching all over social media.

Ahlam Mub

Nice product 👌

Daisha Allen

The TLC made a huge impact on my wash day ! I’ve never had such relief detangling my hair. I will definitely be purchasing more.

Tausha Roberts
Love It!!!

I have tried many products in my life and these are the BEST products ever. Can't wait to continue my healthy hair journey.

DMonique Richardson

I love how it make my hair feels.This is my first time purchasing this and I can’t wait to see the results

Smile DG is on the way!

I always look forward to reordering your product. I order mines and my sisters. Not only do we love your products, our hair stylist does as well. Thank you for not only making your product but sharing it with us. Satisfied is an understatement!!

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