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The kit

I’ve used the kit the first time in august and I have seen results in one month already. My hair has thickened and has grown! I will send you guys updates of my 3 months once the end of November is here !

Satin Bonnet
Sharraine Jackson

Love the material & works great!

Signature Healthy Hair Care System Kit

I love it

This product is AMAZING. It smell great it makes your hair feeling AWESOME!!!! I’m about to order for the 2nd time

Actually just used for the first time.

I love the smell of everything. I truly hope this helps my damaged hair. Not sure if it was the keratin before my itips or the soon to follow developer used after I had the itips taken out but my hair is damaged and my curls are gone. Something small that means so much is the packaging. I didn’t have to grab scissors to open anything from the box to the individually wrapped bottles. Everything was easy to open. I’m very pleased and thankful for the directions on a cute card as well.

True Essence Oil Treatment
Margarette Angladin
Good oil

I definitely recommend this product , I just started using it in 2 weeks I can see the difference 💯

Signature Healthy Hair Care System Kit

Truly is a Dream

The product is excellent quality. The five step care guide is awesome. I only critique is the hardness of the bottles make getting the product out difficult when the product gets low. Otherwise, it's everything it's advertised as. You won't have buyers remorse. It's affordable priced. The shipping didn't take long at all. The leave in oil is the one I enjoy using the most. As said by other people the oil doesn't weigh your hair down. My hair never looked so clean and vibrant after using the 5 step system. Please work on updating the bottles. I

Signature Healthy Hair Care System Kit

The product was perfect

I would like to know if you ever thought of making a leave-in conditioner


It works!


Love everything.. wish you guys had a leave in conditioner..

Purely good for me

So far these products are delivering good results. When I style my hair, I am not disappointed at my formally thinning hair. My hair seems to be stronger and healthier and, I am happy.


Awesome 🤩 I saw improvements on my edges my first 10 days like Wow!!! My hair is braided so I’ll come back when I take it down and use the remaining products although I do see new growth within my braids been using for 3wks now🥰🥰🥰

I absolutely love it!

I love the way it makes my scalp feels like this light sensation and my scalp felt so relaxed 😌 and clean I can wait to start seeing my results being that I just started using this product!!!

Signature Healthy Hair Care System Kit

5 star rating

So far my first use of it was phenomenal. My hair was soft instantly I went through each step carefully and my hair curls was so define I was in absolute shock. My hair stayed moistures for like a week. These products came from gifted hands and knowledge I absolutely love the products.

Its amazing

The product was amazing and it shows in my hair, i love it


I love my Dreamgirls bundle it was worth every penny. I will continue using this product in my hair and daughter’s hair.

Signature Healthy Hair Care System Kit

TLC Comb-Out Treatment
Brittni Bynum
Less Shedding

I ordered this product to reduce the amount of hair that comes out when i get braids. The first application made the detangle process great but still shedding( my hair was in too long) the second time around no shedding!!! I use it before every wash whether I have braids or not and I see a huge difference!!

Signature Healthy Hair Care System Kit

Renewing Conditioner
Earica Faust

Renewing Conditioner

Renewing Conditioner
Zakia Chatman
The best

Best conditioner I’ve ever used!!! Can’t wait to see how it grows my hair :-)

Satin Bonnet
Johnetta Loyd
Enjoying the benefits of Healthy Hair Care System!

I would recommend this product it remains on your head regardless of your sleeping patterns. I have used other bonnets and none compare to this product... If you are looking to maintain the health of your hair please invest in this product..